Great ideas can reap great results when implemented right. Added with smart capital and resourcefulness – ideas can grow into something extraordinary.  Murray Priestley is veteran of ideas that work, don’t work and those who have grown into great businesses.  Murray bridges the gap between concept and execution.

He has created books and resources that aim to inspire and amplify businesses & their owners.

He has written the The Great Business Shape-up, which tackles the key that unlocks the hidden money in your business. The Nine Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make discusses the important lessons that could either make or break your business. Finally, there’s the Plan Your Own Retirement book that empowers readers to – you guess it right – plan their retirement.

Murray isn’t just a study of the world of business. He lives it, having spent over 28 years in technology, fin-tech, e-commerce and asset management. He has – literally- climbed his way up the corporate ladder, then into building & running his own businesses, through to selling businesses.

He has served in board, CEO and senior executive positions for global public and private companies. Learning alongside masters from Strategic CoachGazelles, and Jeff Walker, his experience covers IT, outsourcing, asset management and private equity. He has founded, built and sold several companies; and along the way, he made lots of mistakes and learned from incredible mentors.