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Murray Priestley is Principal at Pacific Liberty (Singapore), a family office, which provides consulting, fund advisory and co-investment services and makes direct & indirect private investments. Pacific Liberty works directly with other family offices and investment corporations. Pacific Liberty does not take individual client money, we redirect them to our licensed Asset Managers partners.

Murray is a current Director of Global Private Partners Ltd, a private equity advisory in Hong Kong, and also founded älpha Holdings Management Ltd, a Hong Kong based firm that develops fin-tech solutions for fund/investment managers.

Before älpha, Murray was with Portofino Asset Management & contracted to Lifestyle Asset Management.  And even prior to that, he was Head of Projects for Korea First Bank, as part of the Texas Pacific Group buyout.  Murray was a senior executive at EDS, a global IT outsourcing firm, which managed the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and Bank of Queensland’s IT operations.

Murray has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Computer Science from Monash University.  He has lived and worked in over 9 countries.

Murray’s website showcases some of the insights of his 30 years of commercial and asset management experience. It is periodically updated with thoughts & ideas, supporting the vision of inspiring confidence that will allow people to multiply their results.


Athletic Performances

1978Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U141st
1978HammerVictorian Athletic Championships U142nd
1979JavelinCity of Melbourne Championships2nd
1979HammerVictorian Athletic Championships U153rd
1979JavelinVictorian Athletic Championships U141st
1980Pole VaultAustralian Schools Athletic Championships U173rd
1980DiscusVictorian Technical Schools Championships1st
1980Pole VaultVictorian All High Schools Championships1st
1980Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U151st
1981Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U162nd
1981Pole VaultAustralian Schools Athletic Championships U172nd
1981Pole VaultVictorian All High Schools Championships1st
1981Pole VaultShell Charles Hansen U17 Championships1st
1981DiscusVictorian Technical Schools Championships2nd
1981Triple JumpVictorian Technical Schools Championships2nd
1981JavelinVictorian Technical Schools Championships1st
1981HammerVictorian Athletic Championships U172nd
1981Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U171st
1981HammerAlcoa Challenge Series2nd
1982Pole VaultVictorian All High Schools Championships1st
1982Pole VaultAustralian Schools Athletic Championships U192nd
1982HammerAustralian Schools Athletic Championships U193rd
1982Pole VaultShell Charles Hansen U17 Championships1st
1982Pole VaultPacific School Games1st
1982Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U18DNS
1982Pole VaultAustralian Junior Team tour of USA
1982Pole Vault* Mt Sac Relays (Covina, CA)2nd
1982Pole Vault* University of Tuscon, AX1st
1982Pole Vault* NCAA Provo, UTcancelled
1982Pole Vault* UCLA (Davis), CADNF
1982Pole Vault* Sacramento Relays, CA3rd
1983Pole VaultAustralian Schoolboy Championships1st
1983Pole VaultVictorian All Schools Championships1st
1983Pole VaultAustralian Athletic Championships U183rd
1983Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U181st
1984Pole VaultAustralian Schoolboy Championships1st
1984Pole VaultVictorian Athletic Championships U201st
1984Pole VaultAustralian Athletic Championships U202nd