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Twenty-five Keys to Making More Money

So here is a short list of human needs and desires that you would do well to brainstorm. Take two or three each and every day and spend some time trying to connect your product to them. By doing this you come up with an extensive list of angles of attack in your marketing.

  1. Add More Fun To Their Life
  2. Avoid Criticism or Embarrassment
  3. Escape Physical Pain
  4. Be A Good Parent
  5. Be More Efficient
  6. Be Healthier
  7. Be Fashionable
  8. Be Independent
  9. Satisfy a curiosity
  10. Be more Popular
  11. Be Proud Of their Possessions
  12. Be Recognized As An Authority
  13. Satisfy Their Ego
  14. Escape Shame
  15. Express A Personality or Creativity
  16. Fulfill a Fantasy of an Adventure
  17. Gain Confidence
  18. Gain Knowledge
  19. Save Time or Money
  20. Work Less
  21. One-Up Others
  22. Overcome Obstacles
  23. Protect Oneself And Family
  24. Relieve Boredom
  25. Renew Vigor And Energy

Now again, this is a SHORT list. It’s by no means comprehensive. I could go on for hours listing out these human needs and desires, but for the sake of space, I’m going to cut it short there.