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Are you running a business? Then one of your top priorities is to set your finances in order. But with multiple receivables and payables, keeping track of the money flow can get confusing. This process can easily take away your time.

Keeping everything organized is an ongoing thing all throughout the year. As long as your business is running, you need to attend to your finances. Otherwise, it will pile up and become difficult to manage.

Understandably there may be times when you want to have your hands free off the task. But it’s mostly rooted on the fact that keeping the finances in order is a convoluted aspect in running a business.

If only there’s a “life hack” to make everything better. Perhaps a couple of neat tricks to help you manage the finances without eating much of your time. So you can focus on other crucial matters. Or better yet, achieve optimum work-life balance.

Check out these 5 easy tips to keep your finances arranged in a systematic way to make your life easier.


As someone who runs the business, you should devote your focus and energy toward running the entire organization, not just the financial aspect of the business. Doing everything can become overwhelming over time.

Division of labor can make your workload lighter. So your best recourse is to delegate some of the financial tasks to your staff. If you don’t have a staff, perhaps you might want to consider outsourcing the activity.

Technology Is Your Friend

There are technology tools that can help you figure out the debits and credits. For less than $40 per month, you get the help you need to pull your transactions and aggregate your spending.

Going digital can also help you save money. Manual methods usually require paperwork. And paper can cost money. What’s more, keeping paper files carries the risk of losing these records. You or your staff may misplace it.

Digitizing is a sure-fire way to avoid these common conundrums associated with paperwork. So take advantage of technology. It is your friend. It can help you in organizing your finances, saving you time and effort.

Define Your Daily Tasks and Stick to Them

Want to drive results? Make a to-do list every day. And stick to it. Without a list, it’s easy to get lost with the day’s activities. One minute you’re working on one thing. But then come lunch or coffee break, you lose your focus.

By creating a list and sticking to it, you stay focused. Defining the day’s tasks can also help you become more aware of how you’re spending your time.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is rooted on a false sense of time. You think to yourself the tasks are easy and you can get it done in no time. Then the next thing you know you’re pressed for time. You are now caught in the vortex of anxiety.

By doing the important tasks now, you save time for higher priorities. Plus, it’s easier to manage your finances when the transactions just occurred.

Create and Commit to a Reporting Process

Whether it’s a quarterly balance sheet or a monthly profit and loss statement, set deadlines for financial reporting. Creating this process will help you understand the financial flow of the business. Developing a habit for financial reporting can give you focus in maintaining complete financial records.

Do you think these tips are doable? Share us your thoughts.