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The entrepreneurial quest is the understanding that the businessman’s path is really never certain. You try to mitigate that or even prevent that uncertainty by having security and being an entrepreneur at the same time. Know, though, that these are two different things and you can never really have both.

This desire to have both is often what leads you to become an opportunity seeker, or one who would immediately jump at a promise of being given what you want out of your business. So the big question about the entrepreneurial quest is this: are you willing to give you what you have to get what you really want? Your philosophy in life will guide you to an answer to this question. Reflect on the actions you took and didn’t take and that reflection will pretty much tell you what you want.

To be able to transform into the kind of entrepreneur that you want to be, you need to change how you wound up. One of the best steps to this transformation is using entrepreneurship as a catalyst on how you can be in charge of your life. You can do this by deciding what you want your business to be about. What niche are you going to take on? What is meaningful enough to help you transform into who you want to be? There has to be a reason for you to want to do all these! Sometimes, the reason could even be bigger than yourself!

Become an entrepreneur who is not afraid to take on bigger problems so that it would help you transform into who you want to be. What you can commit to your entrepreneurial life is what will make your seemingly meaningless life more meaningful. You want your business to have a purpose too and that is to resolve other people’s problems. To find that problem, you need to eclipse all other issues, concerns and competing commitments that could hinder you from transcending.

Think of it this way; each day you, as a brand or a business, are trending either positively or negatively. Each day, if you are brave enough to step into the unknown, you are also stepping away from the routine that have kept you from being who you want to be as an entrepreneur. Thus, each day you have the opportunity to break away from your past and build the business of your dreams.

Unlike everyone else, you are an entrepreneur. You have the ability to make your and other people’s lives more meaningful because you have the gift to define what you want your work life to be. You may not be able to change the world but you can definitely change the world of some group of people.

About the Author

“Murray Priestley has 25 years of commercial and asset management experience having served in board, CEO and senior executive positions with a number of global public and private companies.”