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Who doesn’t want to be successful? All of us want to be successful in the things we find joy in our lives. We all have dreams that line up waiting to be fulfilled and interests that we want to excel in. May it be in business or in our chosen professions, we all dream to make it big.

The key to becoming successful, according to Earl Nightingale, is the understanding of the “Law of Cause and Effect”. Whatever we “sow” as we pursue our chosen interests is what we “reap”. Not everyone in this world understands this concept that is why there are people who win in life and there are those who fail.

Those who fail do not understand that everything in life has a price. This price doesn’t literally mean of monetary value but it refers to the things that you give out (effort or hard work) in order to gain what you have set to achieve. This is the reason why you can’t just have what you wish for without having to work for it. For example, you want to have a house of your own, you won’t be able to have it if you sulk all day in your room and do nothing. If you wanted that promotion at your place of employment, you won’t be able to get it if you give out incomplete work.

If you aren’t successful though, that doesn’t mean you won’t become one. That is why you need these 5 basic steps start your journey to making it big:

Step 1. Set a Goal. Make a resolution.

Set one big goal and be resolved to achieve it. A resolution is when you have made an earnest decision to be determined in doing what you are set to do. This makes the foundations of your dream strong enough that your will to pursue it will never wither. With determination come sacrifices in order for you to successfully reach your goal. Not only you will make such great sacrifices but also those people you have built your dreams for and with. Make sure these people understand the goals you have set and the things you are willing to set aside for a while in order for you to successfully attain these ambitions. If you aim to become promoted in your workplace, you will have to put on long hours at the office and less hours at home. If you are aiming for a successful business endeavor, you will have to give a lot more extra hours at your place of business than at home. This requires incredible heights of patience and understanding from the people you have built your dreams around; your loved ones. These sacrifices will be worth it.

Step 2. Be Creative.

Making it requires you standing out and to excel among everyone else. In order for you to stand out, you need to be creative and you need to be willing to give more than what your bosses or your costumers ask of you. Creativity will up your game several notches from everyone else. If you are into business, make sure the service you offer to your clients is of great quality. The willingness to go beyond the expectations of your costumers will surely make them come back for more.

Step 3. Be Self-Reliant.

It is YOUR dream. YOU are responsible of achieving it. Nobody else will reach your dreams for you. Only YOU can make it work. In everything that we do, there will always be setbacks and difficulties. It is your job to hold on to your goal and never let go. May it be problems with business associates, or some problems at the office that throws you off track in pursuing your objective, you are responsible of stirring the wheel right back at the right path.

Step 4. Use Your Time Wisely.

Time is your best friend and your worst enemy. If you manage your time wisely, it will become an advantage in reaching your target. If not managed wisely, time will kill opportunities that may pull you closer to your dreams. Learn to use time to your advantage. Do not let anyone waste your time. They have their own time to waste so do not allow them to take yours. Remember that time is the most precious commodity in this world.

Step 5. Work Hard.

Every successful person in this world knows very well that without hard work, nothing will be achieved. This is the most crucial step for it requires a resolved goal, a creative mind, self-reliability and time. Remember that nothing in this world is free. In order to gain something, you must work hard for it. What you reap depends on how much you have sown.

“Murray Priestley has 25 years of commercial and asset management experience having served in board, CEO and senior executive positions with a number of global public and private companies.”

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“Murray Priestley has 25 years of commercial and asset management experience having served in board, CEO and senior executive positions with a number of global public and private companies.”