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Mind Mapping: A Proven Way for Developing Business Plans and Strategies

Mind mapping as introduced by Tony Buzan is a method of structuring information in a way that reflects exactly how the human mind works. It shows that the brain does not work in a linear manner; but it is like a spider web where one point connects to another, and others branch out from each succeeding point and so on.

To illustrate this concept, a mind map is really like a map where one’s ideas are illustrated by connections, associations, and triggers to kindle more ideas. A mind map literally ‘maps’ out your thoughts using associations, connections and triggers to stimulate further ideas. You can do this by laying out in concrete form your thoughts, piece of information, or memory to a number of other related thoughts and ideas.

Tips for Mind Mapping

Buzan gave some tips for making mind maps. First, you have to start at the centre representing a topic with at least three colours. You can also use codes, symbols, images, and dimensions all over your mind map. Then you have to choose key words and print these using lower and upper case letters. In addition, make sure that each image or word is set by itself on its own line.

Connect the lines from the central symbol or image using thicker lines in the centre and then these lines become thinner as they move away from middle of the map. The lines should be with the same length as that of the symbol they maintain. It is best to use different colours all over the mind map as this will be visually stimulating as well as in order to categorise each notion or detail.

You can create your own distinct style of mind mapping. Moreover, you have to show emphasis and associations in your drawing for clarity and objectivity. Finally, you have to keep your mind map clear by using radial hierarchy, numerical order or outlines to hold your branches.

Uses of Mind Mapping

In business, mind mapping is effective in problem solving. You can see the different factors affecting the main issue at hand. Also, mind maps are good ways of making an outline or skeleton of your design. Moreover, these are valuable ways of showing structure or relationship representations.

Mind maps can also illustrate anonymous collaboration, thus making the connections clear. With mind maps, there is a mingling of images and meaning. Likewise, you can show your individual creativity through these drawings. Furthermore, mind maps are used to compress material into a succinct and memorable system.

In matters of physical and social relationships of personnel in the work place, mind mapping is essential in team-building or synergy creating activity as well as in enhancing work morale.