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The art of thinking is nothing more complicated as asking yourself questions.

“How old are you?”

And your brain goes and answers it – without hesitation.

But what happens when you ask a question, that you don’t really know the answer to?

It goes in search of. It looks for situations and experiences that are similar to what is being asked. It comes up with connections to various other memories where you have experienced them or simple read about them. Its really amazing what can happen.

One of the best, most strategic processes an entrepreneur can do is set aside “thinking time”. This is truely high-value work.

So over the next year or more, this blog will introduce one new question for you to spend thinking time on.

What does this mean?

Set aside at least one hour during the week and 30 mins for the following day.

Remove ALL distractions. No mobile/cell, no laptop, no interuptions.

Take a pad and pen – and one question.

Write down as many answers to that question as you can in one hour. This is VERY hard work. You will get tired. There will be times where you cannot add another answer for 10-20 minutes. Push through.

At the end of the hour – stop. Don’t think about it any more, until the 30-minutee session the following day.

In the 30 minute session, review what you have written. Probably 3 to 4 pages worth of answers. Now keep going. What you write in this session is where the GOLD will be.

Your very last answers will be the best ideas you have put down. Take note of them, create action plans and implement.